In 2041, the choice is yours.

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"...Kane makes her story stand the deft way she deals with heavy themes related to child abuse, PTSD and the fear that people cannot ever truly leave the demons of their past behind...A dark, emotional story about rebellion, closely in the tradition of the Divergent and Legend trilogies."

Kirkus Review

"[Kane's] characters feel like well-rounded humans, right down to their all-too-real flaws and self-sabotaging emotional impulses. Her vision of an alternate San Francisco will appeal to fans of Philip K. Dick, while Lex and Quin's love story will recall Tris and Four's in Divergent...A solid second installment in a dystopian drama that hinges on human emotion."

Kirkus Review

"…Readers will likely find that [Kane's] vividly detailed world and complex characters have lingered…The book’s frenetic climax, set at the iconic Bay Bridge, will leave readers breathless and wanting more from Kane and her fictional world."

                                                      Kirkus Review

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