“Since I stopped taking Emovere, it’s the same dream every night. But it’s not just a dream. It’s also a memory. I’m six years old again, and everything is red. His voice is razor wire. Hers is a bleating lamb. Together, they make the music of my own private hell.”

Just when you thought the Legacy trilogy was over…

AWOL –the prequel novella told from the perspective of Quin McAllister–is here! Long before Lex Knightley crosses the Golden Gate Bridge into a deserted San Francisco, Quin makes a run for it, leaving the Guardian Force, General Ryker, and an army of medicated super soldiers behind him. But if there’s one thing Quin knows, it’s that you can’t outrun the past. And his past—foster kid, screw-up, delinquent, hopeless case, soldier, wanted man—is coming for him.

AWOL includes thirteen scenes which offer a glimpse into the heart of an anti-hero and set the stage for the epic adventure that is the Legacy trilogy. The author recommends reading AWOL after completing the trilogy; however, it can be enjoyed (spoiler free) any time AFTER Legacy.

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It is also available for purchase as part of the just-released Legacy boxed set, perfect for established fans who want to own the entire Legacy collection or readers new to the series. This e-book bundle contains Legacy, Prophecy, and Revelation, and AWOL. Get yours at the links below:

Legacy series on Amazon

Legacy series on B&N

Happy reading!

March 14, 2016

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