Cover Reveal: The First Cut

I am beyond thrilled to reveal the cover of The First Cut, my new thriller (see what I did there?)! It’s the third standalone novel in the Doctors of Darkness series. Again, I enlisted the artistic talents of the amazing, Giovanni Auriemma, and drew inspiration from the Cat Stevens’ song, The First Cut is the Deepest, about the lasting pain and pleasure of love.


There’s a thin line between love and murder.

When “Love Doctors” Ian and Kate Culpepper are brutally murdered in their Carmel mansion on Valentine’s Day, Ava knows it’s karma. Because Ian’s leaving her for perfect Kate four years ago had cut her bone deep. And then they had the nerve to show up here, on her turf. With their perfect house and their perfect daughter and their matching perfect smiles.

It’s no wonder Ava can’t stop watching. It’s no wonder she can’t let go.

But Ian is far from perfect, and Ava owes a debt too. For the unforgivable thing they’d done together. The dark deed that severed their marriage in two.  When Ava’s name is found inked in blood at the crime scene, a reckoning seems inevitable. Someone knows what she’s hiding. Someone sees what she’s done. And karma is ready to collect its pound of flesh.



October 2, 2018

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