Cover Reveal: Lucky Girl

The next chance you take could be your last…

Seven years ago, Teddy Drucker disappeared. He changed his name, altered his appearance, and abandoned his corporate aspirations, fleeing for his life. What choice did he have? In over his head with the cops who’d accused him of murdering his girlfriend and the kind of guys who don’t think twice about cleaning up loose ends with a well-placed bullet.

Now, Trevor Dent is a new man. With a Ph.D. and a cute little car and therapy clients who trust him with their dirty secrets. But when his new patient calls him by his old name and his girlfriend turns up missing, Trevor realizes the past can’t be erased. And his past has a name and a face and the kind of secrets a man would kill for.

Only forty-eight hours to save his girlfriend’s life, and Trevor is back on the run. With a go-bag and a stolen car and an unlikely ally who has her own demons. As the bodies pile up behind them, he’s betting it all on her. He’s hoping this girl is as lucky as she seems. Because this time the odds are stacked against them and the stakes are impossibly high. This time, he’s gambling with both their lives.


Lucky Girl is a unique addition to my Doctors of Darkness series. It’s a short read that you can finish in one weekend. The plot is loosely based on recent real-life events, including the twists and turns of the Jeffrey Epstein case and the downfall of movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, making for what I hope will be a thrilling read. Lucky Girl will be released on September 14th.

August 1, 2021

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